April 12th, 2010


Update of the last Month of Class

Three weeks from today (i think) is my last day for the semester! Woo! But it's kept me busy.

I spent the last three days doing the college thing, locked up in my room eating microwaved noodles and soup and doing homework! Studious me. (Ok..i was also playing wow-more on that later.) I got 1/3 caught up in my operating systems class, the only class im behind in.

ATLANTA THIS WEEKEND (MAYBE..partially depends on if i find someone to travel with)
and then Indy one of the next two weekends. travel plans, why oh why did you pop up right when i need to be cramming?!

Also, gotta get busy looking for an apartment! Ive got one place close to campus that would be most convenient, but if that doesnt pan out, gotta get looking!

As far as WoW goes, I made a lot of progress this weekend, including clearing the first wing of ICC. as the only rogue in the grup, i got 2 really shiny loots. couples with a new offhand i picked up off FoS trash, im really pleased! Also, finally got a EoE group (10m) and did OS with all drakes up. Lastly, met a girl who like running outlands heroics and got a bunch of those achievements (and rep) as well! Things are looking good! Oh yeah, 117 frost says ill be getting that 4piece T10 set bonus within the month! And carols gonna make me glacial bags! So theres that.

Allie isnt going to be at anime club today, and thats sad. But i dont know if im going to be there either--jasen coplen is going to be in town at 6:00 and tho i dont get out of class till 7:30, maybe i can still catch him! (Sry, did i say anime club..what i meant was APCC)

My (BRAND NEW) camera is MISSING, too. :((((((((((((((((

thats all, really. class times, gotta run.

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You are simple. You do not have to know what you want, but you move forward bravely in the process of finding out who you are. The world cannot keep up. You're aren't brave, though; you're just as scared as anyone else. Horrified. It's hard, moving faster than this life, but you invoke a presence, an awe, and this is what makes you beautiful. You never compromise, and you never slow down, except when you're with me. You are my dream, and I fly in my own way whenever you fall back on me. You're safe here, always. You have nothing to prove, but together we will show the world. When we are alone, we softly introduce ourselves to each other and to ourselves.