June 29th, 2010


(no subject)

this is what ive seen,
people 'falling in love',
relationships based on so many things,
where noone really dreams
but everyone is content
to just be 'content'.

when she was single, what did she understand?
who did she consider and how did she grow, and now?
does she date out of the simplicity of it all,
perhaps--certainly--it's quite nice.
perhaps its just that much easier.

they say noone wants to be alone and yet,
i cant help but wonder if she
uses relationships to ensure
her solitude.

when i grow i grow together,
and your lives are a deep part of mine,
and when i sink my time into you
we're being real.

the constant ebb and flow of banter, remarks,
interest flying around in the dark, has a way
of turning us on, making us think
that we're really
important to one another,

but you haven't convinced me that
you're convinced.

what is love that we bind it so necessarily to
everyone we love without stopping to consider
its grandeur.

it's easy to be in a relationship
for various reasons
that are not even wrong.