August 26th, 2010



whew, ive been a mess of tired emotions today.. but its all good. dan and meadows are just getting me down with this whole apartment thing--which i probably havent even mentioned on here. oh! how much i have had to say this last week, and how little time ive had! it still strikes me as tragic when i am unable to record precious memories. but i'll still carry the feelings.

like this week. there was a moment in the park with katie and kevin that.. ..just meant so much to me. i cant really explain why, but it'll stick with me. something to hold close.

hopefully ive secured katie as a steadfast friend. i feel i have.
i do like her. who she is.

im a little worried i may have given audrey a slightly off impression of my thoughts on kristin--well, not wrong per se, but it was too early to have said anything. oh, so much has been going on. with new friends, new classes, and the attempt to find a place to exhausted. its not really a bad exhausted, just one that eats up what energy i have left.

with that gone ive just got a dull sence of lonliness. of wanting to just curl up and sleep while someoe wraps tight around me. simple. soft.