December 4th, 2010


katie vincent means an awful lot to me

slept late today..

went down to starbucks to see katie, then split off to a few bookstores tracking down some christmas gifts. back to starbucks to pick katie up, then picked audrey up (who has awesome red hair now, which i dont think i mentioned. on this tangent, carol also has awesome red in her hair!) and then we went and bought a christmas tree!! back to audrey and katies place where ryan joined us, then ryan, katie, and i went to check out sojourn's little open mic/gallery, to some coffee shop where i had blackberry hot chocolate, then dropped ryan off and katie and i stopped back by starbucks. after this i met up with scott at ihop and witnessed my first snow of the year. i drove with scott to the riverfront to watch the snow, and now im back at his place to settle in for the night, probably play some wow.

life is a crazy thing, and the more we think it through the more it takes us by suprise.
sometimes i dont know what i want, and all the world says "know, know, know!" but i'm alright figureing it out as it comes along.
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