February 3rd, 2011


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Waking up late again.

There is rain in the oven,
I got caught when I put it there. With people so unhappy
with me.
All the day I was afraid
scared of not waking up
that I never went to sleep.

Still he stabbed me with the watchclock
carved me up with fits of rage.

We didn't forfeit anything for this.

I went bowling in the winter and it didn't please me much,
just stretch your soft skin over mine and let's close the doors on this.
They didn't ask, they didn't call, they had no voices: not at all,
Whereas I was screaming up into the night.

And years turned into months and months turned into days
I watched from across the ocean as it all came down to this.

I tried to stay up early,
I only fell asleep,
Waking up late again.
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