November 1st, 2018


(no subject)

When you find it, you have to chase it.

Because even if you find something better, it doesn't matter if it wasn't first.

The thing that was first - That is something that you can shape with your own strength.

It's the only thing you can really know.

(no subject)

it came and went;

i sat upon the lily bed, searched my heart and read a book

never thought i'd need to take a look

till it was gone.

you came and went;

you'd greet me cheery after school, i was a fool and you -

those were the days you were one too

until you weren't.

we came and went;

the weeks grow short the months grow long, i'm right in autumn, wrong in fall

and every time i want to take you calls

i never do.

the more i try to know myself the more i find i'm someone else except that someone else is always gone.
and i've learned on weekdays to find solace in being part of you, and part of everyone.

but then i dream.

it came and went;
you were here and then you went.