January 1st, 2021


(no subject)

You were a sending flower fast and deep.
Your petals moors your ankles steep and i

I sailed away and i drowned in you. I went down to the root of the vine and i smothered in you.

You were the flaming jet of no regret. You were beautiful and bold and you were laid to rest. And i

I held on to you and i held on for you. I didnt flinch and you still stole my show.

You were december when i loved the snow. You were the way that beauty danced and they laid you low and i

I laid there with you in the cold. i loved every minute and the world was gold. And the things that tried to hurt you didnt matter there and all your crazy thoughts were ok and there was a space for you was a room for you and i made it real i took in everything about you and still let you feel and you

You didnt think to ask me if i could handle you. I was ready for so long but

And you left and you never came.

(no subject)

its the strength to be myself through all these years

that everybody didn’t notice

or everybody hated.

I can smile a little because of it now, and because i’m strong.

But a part of me (the part that dreams at night) just frowns and wishes it had been everyone else who had been strong in the end.

All I really ever wanted was you.