asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

OK, I've only got 25 minutes to update & get to class, so bear with me if this is a bit disjointed.

This morning, while i was on my way to class, I glimpsed a vortextual tunnel out of the corner of my mind. 'Why, that was never there before,' i thought to myself. So, naturally, i investigated to the best i could, which wasnt really all that well, because the tunnel was located on the back of a car that was varooming down the road, and was gone long before i decided to investigate. Going onward, five toads lept into my path and began to sing. their song was both sorrowful and hungey, and while i was running late for class, i decided to stop and listen. the sang of a maiden who had been travelling in the woods when she came upon a thorn of destiny. the thorn grew from an oak and invited her to come and sit with it and have some tea. she accepted, becasue the last time she had had tea had been far too long ago. After drinking the tea from dried up puppy husks, she felt exotic, and began to study cartography. Hunched over her maps deep in thought, she suddenly became alarmed when something cast a dark shadow over her work, blotting out the sun more vividly than a giant mass producing cornecopias. looking up, she saw it was merely 15 jews flying overhead, and she breathed her last breath. the jews were in formation, much like the way the skales on a Mighty snake are so fluently aligned. Their flight pattern soon banked left, and they headed for the castle of magnificance. There, lived a king, as is to be ecpected, and with him a horde of mind-blowing grain stalks. These stalks would bend in the most investigative ways, telling the king with their segmented minds that they had lost track of their ray guns, but that everything would be okay in the end. Trusting their judgement, the king began to issue decree after decree. First he banned all free-flying frisbees, and then he proceded to legislate the realm of Gorillas to the south of his kingdom. Within the first five years of this legislature, he recieved much fanmail from gorillakind apprasing the wise distribution of bandwidth he had given them. Soon, the gorillas began to move close to the castle, in part because the wished only to be nearer to their king, and in part because he had legislated that flaming pitchforks rain down gorilla lands for then next several decades in a clear display of his unordained manliness. The ecosystem of smaller, less articulate creatures that had lived in Gorilla land was thrown into disorder and also into the kitchen. There, most of them met their demise as crutons. The rest, angered and deeply saddened by their brethren's unjust consumption, vowed to join the choir and sing a song thus far unheard. This caused them an unarguably large deal of trouble, becasue everyone knows that Gorillaland refugees cannot sing as well as frogs can, and since frogs had rented the bunker next to the poor creatures, they were constantly being put to shame.

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