asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

I will never see the sky the same way...

today has been very good.
sarah called me and i was very happy.
i dreamed i was at home with carol last night but then i work up and was still here.
they told me they weren't able to recover anything from my laptop.
if i keep putting off my physics homework i might fail the class.
i've been watching and rewatching anime recently; yay.
yesterday i saw this guy in the liberry playing Adventure Quest.
today the same guy was on the same computer still playing it.
today i talke to beka, that was nice, she has a new phone, so i'll try to call her more often.
tim burton's nightmare before christmas in disney digital 3D is out, but i don't think it's playing here.
the agony of that!
i'm glad sarah called me.
autumn is nice.
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