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More Quotes!

acrobat hanging by her teeth from a metal wire
Acrobat Hanging By Her Teeth From A Metal Wire

(that was from my physics recitation, btw. we were learning about elastic limits)

Abercrombie & Fitch

(that was from my physice recitation, btw. on the back of some random's shirt)

"lets just assume that this is solid, even though it makes no sense."

(that was from my physics recitation, btw. our ta-person in regard to a million-cubic-meter submarine she was submerging to look for the sea monster from our quiz)

so, today, to my suprise (though it fits with previous observations) my english class actually seemes to like my scene!
it always amazes me how, literary stuff. once you write something, its suddenly taken seriously. people are good at seeing whats supposed to be in it! it stands on its own, more or less.

my english class is going to be the one class i miss when this semesters over.
i <3 my classmates so.

on that note, for chronicling purposes, i went to a poetry reading by david young last nite and got his book black lab and got it signed. woo!

that makes me thing of my 5th season! squee, i wonder if its here!
*scampers off.* *metaphorically.*

(and as a footnote, i learned a new html tag doing this post!)

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