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i close my eyes to sordid things,
waking places without dreams
this is the same old forgetting
the same old falling out of peace
your face is still just as tormenting
so absent from this place
id give up all my dreams for just this single thing
but as we stand there are so many things corrupt
a touch and the skies give to fire
a breathe and i fall to my knees
your kiss, and the great city yeilds to ruin
this moment, and who has ever longed for more
than i have.

i close my eyes to painful things,
waking places without wings
ive never hated time so much
as when it rended us apart
these distant memories long gone
is it all that i can think to hope
that youll fall with me when i land alone
from condemned earth to simple sky
a touch and light begins to spread
a breath and days fall flat before me
your kiss, from future into past unending
this moment, and who has ever been as still
as we have.

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