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yeasterday was a fateful day...

...for my homework:

season 5 arrived.

23 hours left for me to come up with something for and write my english paper,
the 2 hours of class, 1 hour to print off 15 copies of it, 1 hour of class, 1 hour to pack,
about 10 minutes to turn in my paper, and then i'll be headed home!!

dont kill me zak, just because i havent been to lab these past two weeks...

ok, so i found out this really cool person in my class is in the grils christain co-op!

other than that, im a little worried that danny isnt happy with me..
..but its just that i feel alot more strongly about political issues than im willing to come out and argue,
besides, whenever i debate, i end of taking the side opposite whoever im talking to it seems.. so its not safe!!

carolcarolcarolcarolcarol..1 day!

i ran into bethany on the way over here.. that was pretty cool.
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