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ahh!! cgt!! workk!! (wyrk!) 's gone crazy.. busy busy me.

actually, tired tired me.. im getting worried.. ive been sleeping all evening the last couple days.. a couple days ago i slept 6-10:30 in the afternoon.. and still slept all night.. i's so tired. :/

and ahhh i's also so confused! should i, or shouldnt i!! ?? !! no idea..
one moment ill be like, yes! of course i should!! and the next moment.. no! why the heck would i even consider that!?!


tonight we'll be rotoscoping, finishing the exterior (windows doors trees), working on weight mapping, and finilizing timing.

then, hopefully, we can move on to character animation and rendering, which will only leave compositing issues.

in terms of my other project, here:
(it should be pretty big)

anyone who bothers looking at it, you might as well be pretty critical and tell me what looks the most off in terms of realism. i mean, im nowhere near finished, even with the sections that already have color. but i need it looking as real as possible, so critique is cool.


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