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the falling from the sky
the crashing into earth
theses are our silent days
where we only listen to the truth
hissing out beneath our vents

the darkness in the sky
the power of the earth
i have seen your eyes and you forget them
i've seen your face and seen your scream

breaking skulls and bleeding wrsts
diffusion comes from far without
without you there i drift alone
i come alone again
i am alone again

these are the faces that we've made
these are the hammers of our fates

falling from the sky, crashing to the earth, the ravenous claw tears through me once again, im listening, im listening oce again, for the heartbeart of the darkness, for yuor heartbeat in the darkness, sense it, hear it, rip it out, this is the destruction in my eyes, in your eyes, this is the end of life, a blinking into abyssmal sin, do you feel it, are you listening, are you feeling all the things you never tohught you'l feel,
theres a white mist falling softly on your skin,
lie there naked for me to see,
lie there naked.

there are not the rains long promised, these are but the drowning thoughts, these are not your cherished home, banished, banished into the darkness. can you see me here, i've forgotten once again, you've forgotten once again to breathe. in the silence of the night comes the cry of despair, hungry for you, hungry for me, let us eat together and be filled once more. do you recall the foggy evenings,
the mist-filled evenings in my dreams?
when you felled yourself beside me, told me everything.
nothing's as it was, but you are all the same,
nothing ever knew you like i do.

December is among us once again.

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