asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


Here's a breif summary of my weekend for record-keeping's sake.

Last friday i came home from purdue.
I spent most of that night hanging out with Sarrah and Chris during which we did all sorts of exciting things; I would like to do something like that again.

Saturday, I saw Sarah for an hour or two at SBUX, during which she eventually beat me at a really drawn out and intense game of ERS.

I spent most of that night hanging out with Erin; we did several things, puzzles among them. BABY BABY BUSH BUSH!!!!

Sunday, i spent pretty much all day and night at Treni's house. We talked about alot of things, did other stuff, had pizza, and she showed me some uber music; it was amazing.

Monday, I spent most of the day playing Guild Wars, in which I finally made it to the Fire Islands, and hanging out with my family.

That night, or rather the next morning, Ryan came over for a few hours and i told him he needed to open up a restaurant.

Tuesday morning we headed back to Purdue with my Aunt, during which me and Sefie had a lot of fun singing all sorts of things, which started with Sugar, We're Going Down.

Since then, I've been going to class, absorbing SciFi, and watching American Idol with Scott. Wow.

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