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Why are you doing this? Becasue I'm the only one who can.

in the darkness of the city, darkness of the daylight, underneath the lights, the shadows that you're in.
inside the smoke, the lies, the shouting cries, the smoke inside
twisting, turning,
theres this sordid veneration in my mind, if fills my veins,
in all my years, ive never come so close to my convictions, so close to letting go
and i still say its all about the knowledge, but then you show up in my life,
i feel im letting go without decision, but ive decided long ago,
these are days of growing old, folding up and giving in
to something new
to something ancient
the things ive fought so long against have shown up at my life and i dont want to fight them anymore
and ive followed, and youve followed, these thoughts, these days,
have led me so far away, standing still
theres the tired enrollment into life, enrollment into shadows,
and i hold this smoke so close, you've never known
never known me like i thought you did,
and i resign myself to you, decision and knowledge in the act,
in the crime,
noone ever really knew me like this, and
as we come undressed, come unraveled, you're breathing in this crystal air,
im still fighting, still listening to you with a new disdain, like you never knew your name, and this is it
this is the nightime of the city, bathed in sheer daylight and sheer nakedness,
i see your skin,
see, im not losing my touch, but the mind just doesnt see it the same way anymore,
so confused, so distorted, with these shapes and all these colors, rising up from
the smoke. this was life, this was about you and now youve disappeared further into my imagination, its nothing i havent faced before,
if you'd believe it, i hold my shirt close to me
looking over all these bodies, lying here, i feel the strenght and the conviction, i see the sadness in your strong eyes,
blinking in and out of coughing, cover this area in your blood and you'd still like it, you'd still like the way you bled,
this is it, this is now, these are the prodigies of tomorrow, where you
dont see yourself anymore,
dont leave me from your dreams the way you've left yourself, dont clear these rooms so soon,
and just because you can taste it on your lips and feel it in your lungs,
moving in your veins, drifting through your skies,
you've felt alive, but never understood, never understood the way you can be.
i took a walk on ashen plains, listening to larks that sang my heart away, and i wandered underneath these florescent lights for so long,
just becasue i'm not you doesn't mean i'm not you, the fields call out your name like you never knew it, and
you're looking so confused, which lense, which sight, who are you in these daylight nights?

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