asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

These are the [76] people in the Facebook Needs Allan Day (Dont We All?!) group.

  1. Scott Hendrix (Purdue)

  2. Nick Hatter (Purdue)

  3. Alan Remien (Purdue)

  4. Abelard Ma (Purdue)

  5. Jar Jar Binks (Purdue)

  6. Adam Dickelman (Purdue)

  7. Evan Baskerville (Minnesota)

  8. Meagan McDonald (Texas Tech)

  9. David Overall (Louisville)

  10. Ed Turner (Louisville)

  11. Ryan Gnizak (Louisville)

  12. Tanner Watson (Louisville)

  13. Nic Burt (Louisville)

  14. Bobby Hillard (Louisville)

  15. Dr Meridith Bartley (W. Kentucky)

  16. Dave Rose (W. Kentucky)

  17. Jaime Fairbanks (Murray State KY)

  18. Sarah Martin (Murray State KY)

  19. Cynthia Shaw (Murray State KY)

  20. Chris Addison (Murray State KY)

  21. Marcus Hargrove (Murray State KY)

  22. Maxson Overby (Murray State KY)

  23. Andrew Boyd (Murray State KY)

  24. Lindsey Babcock (Centre)

  25. Elizabeth Denny (Centre)

  26. Heather Studley (Monroe CC)

  27. Paul Martin (Bellarmine)

  28. Bethany Richter (Bellarmine)

  29. Ben S. Madson (Kentucky Wesleyan)

  30. Andrew Valentard (Morehead State)

  31. Emily Dick (SBTS)

  32. Caleb Poirrier (SBTS)

  33. Alli Rene (BYU - ID)

  34. Heather Eubanks (Indiana SE)

  35. Danny DiSantis (KCTCS)

  36. Benjamin Amchin (Ballard High School)

  37. Camille Hymarsh (no network)

  38. Anthony Williams (Baton Rouge, LA)

  39. Bethany Morse (Louisville, KY)

  40. Sarah Bland (Louisville, KY)

  41. Erica Anderson (Suffolk)

  42. Leonardo Magonara (Orlando, FL)

  43. Dr. Super Spanglatastic SpecialMonkey (Lafayette, IN)

  44. Mathew Waddell (Louisville, KY)

  45. Jehoshua Torres (Orlando, FL)

  46. Lars Der Troll (Louisville, KY)

  47. Dustin Audet (F.W.Buchholz High School)

  48. Lindsay Baranowski (Ballard High School)

  49. Maddie Baker (Ballard High School)

  50. Dylan Taylor (Ballard High School)

  51. Holly Kaelin (Ballard High School)

  52. Dean McChesney (Ballard High School)

  53. Christina Sill (Ballard High School)

  54. Andrea Hansen (Ballard High School)

  55. Lindsay The Amazing (Highview Baptist High School)

  56. Lauren Kennedy (Male High School)

  57. Carman Napier (Youth Performing Arts High School)

  58. Maddy Maddux (Louisville, KY)

  59. Ashlee Rose (Orange County, CA)

  60. Beth McLain (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  61. Amanda Hatter (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  62. Emily Susemichel (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  63. Chris Parks (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  64. Jake Cassady (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  65. Lauren Lovejoy (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  66. Courtney Smith (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  67. Ian Wilder (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  68. Mary Margaret Autry (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  69. Katherine Rhodus (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  70. Paige Reese (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  71. Kelsey Blomquist (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  72. Megan Purvis (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  73. Corey Hall (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  74. Emily Smith (Christian Academy of Louisville)

  75. Allen Tross (Saint Xavier High School)

  76. Eric Beckner (North Oldham High School)

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