asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

ive been asleep alot of the day.

well, i was up all night doing nothing.

yesterday i worked 10 consecutive hours on a project.

i turned it in this morning and too a final too.

saturday night i was involved in transporting a mouse in a pinyata to a girls co-op house.
also, i inspired covering someones room in tape, straws, q-tips, twine, as well as emptying an entire thing of febreeze into it and tying the door shut.
as well as other machinations.

i met a cool girl named summer and hung out with adam kye joey ben scott katie and some other people who i get mixed up. i also got to see a pretty cool song/dance/preformance thing called u-sing. i saw jenn there breifly too! yay!

(yeah.. the one day i dont just sit in my room doing nothing is the one day i dont have my camera on me :( )

i like using venusaur vileplume and nidorino in tandem.

later tonight im going to go watch wrestling.. isnt that so like me?

i dont have a clefable though.

its like, totally cyndis birthday and i wish i could be hanging out with her and i would like to think i wish that because shes going to be having fun. i wish i could see my friends on a daily basis; theres so many scenerios we're missing out on getting to know each other in. possibility is incompreable and reality is devoid.

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