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To Stay But Not To Settle

restless sensation leads us here, and in the epitome of the night we give ourselves away, only to take back what we've given before the dawn; we're running from the daylight. lifes not an escapade away, but thats what this is. home is but a place to never return to, move and travel, up and out. ive given up holding on and now with sad eyes i look across long counters, growing distances, but the moment fades. nothing really suits me like today, or so i say, as the night goes up around me. and here is 'happy', and here is 'not'; and i dont think ill give up this chase just yet. a restless sensation, a despeate longing for the end, when i can be myself again. incongruent feelings, and heres whats best: what good is living if im not pleased along the way? you know i loved you, but isnt love a silly thing, holding me down?

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