asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Inner thoughts on the Music

so the concert was AWESOME last night.
    We heard:
  • Stolen Babies

  • In This Moment

  • Within Temptation

  • Lacuna Coil

it was a lacuna coil concert, but me and carol were there to see within temptation.
it was me, carol, aliyah, bridger, sefie, scott, ryan.. but sefie scott and ryan were UBER COOL and left 3/4 through.
anyway, tis one of the very very few days ill get to see carol before i leave so twas yay. not to mention the concert.

my ears are still ringing, but yeah, i guess thats how these things go.

theres no lj-cut here because i took 0 pictures of the thing, i was too busy headbanging and moshing. ok, so not so much of the latter, but thats cuz the concert had a sever lack of moshing, :( alas.

stolen babies was really great, they put on quite a show and reminded me a little bit of metric.
i cant say much about in this moment cuz i was busy enjoying the music.
within temptation was definately the coolest, tho i dunno if their music was most suited for concert type atmosphere, but definately great amazing awesome stuff. they also got alot of fanfare; a good bit more than they expected i think.
lacuna coil was good, but--and maybe it was becasue by this point i could barely move let alone stand let alone rock--they didnt seem all that amazing. there wasnt really much along the lines of an encore either.
i would have bought a lot of stuff and definately stolen babies, but, just like i make a point not to take pictures @ concerts, i dont usually buy stuff. i almost got one of lacuna coils drum sticks twice tho. almost.

6 hours of standing was pretty intense.

carols back at centre now. :(
but i had a great time.

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