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OK, so i probably should have posted before now, but its been a real hassle getting the internet up and running here. its currently 10:12 am here, so for all of you louisville ppl is should be roughly 8:12 pm. woo.

my appt here is pretty cool, its got a loft with a spiral stair case (pictures eventually) i live up here; scott lives down below.

ive met some cool people; i spent my birthday hanging out with some people i didnt really know and that was pretty sweet. ive gotta remembber to get the group photo of that from ryan. anyway, so far ive just toured around the city. its awesome. it feels alot like america, especially the people. aside from everyones accent, theyre pretty similar. theyre really friendly tho. and the citys amazingly clean. anyway, i ramble on about generalities. right now, ive got my job interview in less than 45 minutes and im pretty nervous. later today when im calmer ill try to write out a more detailed post about life in Australia.
oh yeah, apparently Sydney is the 4th most expensive city in the world. things arent cheap here, or convenient. even if this city is uber cool, new york still wins! ;P

later turkeys,
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