asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

hey! im at work.. again. really tired....

i wont be online for the next couple days tho (probably) cuz im going to be on a surf trip! O_o;

anyway, that'll be interesting. oh, and i will post pics. i just..havent gotten the chance.
aside from when im at work (where i dont have the pics) i havent been online much, esp since my laptops batttery doesnt charge properly. and because theres a limit for how much i can dl/upload.

but mainly cuz ive been busy. yesterday i had class at Billy Blue roughly from 9-12 and from 1-4; with food before and inbetween. then there was a lame little 'scavenger hunt' and free pizza at 6:30, and then me scott and emily went down to Darling Harbour (i think thats what its called.. ill double check later) for a nice nighttime stroll along the water and then cheesecake and tea at some nice restaurant. we got back at 11 and i went to bed soon after. whee!

    friends/people here:
  • scott

  • vivi

  • emily

  • emily

  • tyler

  • ryan

  • jess

  • brian (?)

  • another guy i get confused with brian

  • cathy

  • thats all the main ones for now.
    i havent really been ably to sort out all the different girls.. *confused*

    well, back to work!
    AU TIME: 11:24 AM FRI JUN 01, 2007
    US TIME: 09:24 PM THU MAY 31, 2007
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