asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

if anyone [back home] reads this (soon), take note that in a couple hours the time and date there will be 12:34 5.6.7 which is pretty cool.

we had day 2 of class today, which went well. the professor actually liked my game idea of a horror/survival game with bunnies more than the class did. it came in 6th. she also said "i love stealing double decker buses. i think theyre cool." and, to top it off, she brought up The Typing Of The Dead (which oddly enough i brought with me to Australia).
also, vivi mentioned stargate in class today.

i very much like the crab-things i can get downstairs at Billy Blue, 4 for 2.20.

after class me and scott met up with Emily and went with her and Brian (?) to the Sydney Tower and then to Macciaitos (sp?) to eat. good food, though the bill for the 4 of us came to $105. yeah.

im dead tired now, and my computers still being really annoying, but either tomorrow or the next day i WILL up some pics.

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