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((you and i and what was left of our love))


im sitting in my room thursday night. not much going on. down below stargate atlantis is on one of the four tv stations we have. something about a volcano thats about to destroy a planet? *shrug*

anyway, ive got all the pics i want to upload picked out (ive narrowed it down to 360 of them) but im going to try and do it tomorrow at work. uploading here in the room is really slow, and ive got an upload limit for the month that theyd be working against. still, expect them in a day! looking over them i realize theyre more tourism and photography pics, and dont do the best job documenting my immediate surrounds, so ill take more later! whee!

i found mozzarella today. i am happy.

to carol and my home: im gonna try and make phone calls in the next couple days.

anyway, thats all i can think of for now. except for that one thing, which i dont feel like asking at the moment. ^-^;

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