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Sydney Pics 1 of 6 - Make sure to view in order
Feel free to comment on as many specific pics as you want, as i would like to elaborate on most of them.

back in indy, its my luggage! first pic!

here's the parents, mine and scott's

vivi was there too!

wooo... look how high!

the world is big and flat

airplane apple juice!


aliens have had at our fields..


oo..multi-use stairs

ticket to SF!

these are the buttons i'm supposed to push, riight?

the great STAR ALLIANCE!

pretty cool mountains.

(darn the bluriness) its San Francisco!

hamster pic for treni!

what are these doing in the airport??

heres scott saying "no, tk, we dont need to wait at the gate, we can walk around"

heres vivi saying "no, nick, we dont need to wait at the gate, we can get food" (we almost missed the sydney flight..the plane left less than a minute after we boarded.. they were even waiting on us..)

first Sydney pic!

only pic ive got of the room. i live above! (ill take more later)

heres a part of the hotel. its an interesting, pretty cool place.

fire emergency on the first (and second) day.

flat escalators!


vivi and ryan..

..and tyler

a shot from the mall. (malls acroos the street from where we're staying)



why does this exist?

omg, theres so many adorable kids here! and alot of them walk around in cute couple like this! so cute! squee!!!!

scenery pic.. wait, hey, its spiderman

semi-shot of the central bus station

shot of the central train station

this car belongs to my sister!

....berserk, anyone???

whats going on here?!

i forget the name of it, but this is a pretty interesting street where all sorts of questionable things supposedly take place. its on my list of things to investigate.

"lick her"

"house of fetish"

"starbucks".. SBUX!!

more of this.

buildings. (the one on the lefts apparently the place that sells american stuff, tho i didnt kno it at the time)

useful stores!

on the road to bondi beach!

you know, the weather/atmosphere here has reminded me of florida.. its been interesting. i wanna go to florida now (can i somehow fit it in this summer?? a solo trip?). scary. *has mixed feelings about that place*

yes. yes, yes, and yes.

ive got pics of the word emporium in england, scotland, and now australia. xanga tribute.

bondi beach.





um.. guy!

beach pic.

people. doing something.

a bunch of the girls in our group. emily's bottom left, kathi's bottom right. im still working on the others names.

ryan and tyler.

moar birds! ..excuse me, more birds! ..ive been spending too much time on....

and that was post one! but you'll want to stay tuned! naked % children coming up in the next exciting episode of SYDNEY PICS Z!!

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