asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

i say Play! A Video Game Symphony last night in the Sydney Opera House. it was pretty grand. not spectacular, but still pretty grand.

(what?? i recorded lots of it?? dont be silly, how could i have done that? recording devices were 'strictly prohibited'!)

it started with mario, then shengmu (sp?) then sonic, and while there wasnt much FF, there was some.. posssibly the best part was the Metal Gear Solid compilation. *love* there was kingdom hearts, which was alright, and they did Chrono Trigger and they played the main tune from Chrono Cross, yay! there was extensive WoW and Halo music, which even i was impressed by, esp the halo bit. i appreciated Castlevania music, and the Silent Hill stuff, even thou it was from silent hill's i havent played. It ended with a Zelda compilation, which, like final fantasy, wasnt very extensive, but was alright... and then it was over... or so we thought! encore! (jiggilypuff?) any ideas what the encore was?? One Winged Angel.

over the last few days we went shopping in Paddys Mart some more, and in Parametta, and went to ______ to eat, where i had some massive crab omelette.

i is running out of moneys, and fast! oh noes! darn sydney for being so pricey...

    ive been having alot of fun with:
  • emily

  • brian

  • scott

  • tiffany

  • vivi

  • vivi's emily

    and ive also been hanging with:
  • dan

  • tyler

  • ryan

  • jess

  • kevin

i saw panic! and iced earth shirts that i hearted but $$....

oo, thats right! we also went to the Rugby: State of Origins game. rugby looks pretty cool..
me scott and emily had mysterious seats, but not as mysterious as tiffanys, who i was unable to find even after extensive searching. then me scott brian emily vivi emily and tiffany waited in a huge mass of people forever for the train back.
NSW lost to Queensland. I was happy for the maroon fans. :)

other than that we've just been walking around, having work and class, and so on.

see ya'll in just over two weeks!
it sounds, from your posts, like you guys have been having lots of fun! i hope im not too far behind.. i know that just coming back from purdue for the two weeks of summer i was home i felt sorta on the outside, so im going to have to be busy and catch up!! yes.

in the mean time,

The years roll by and yet the memory of you never fades. You are always in our hearts and minds.
Here's to You!
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