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Welcome Back to the Wonderful World of TK!

In recent news, I went to work on Friday. After that Emily and I went back to the Opera house to see an imaginative, twisted, and compelling two-man comedy entitled A Porthole Into the Minds of the Vanquished. It was only an hour long, but I greatly enjoyed it's inspired, if difficult to catch, theme. And, hey, a guy got his spine torn out and eyes removed. Sweet.

Saturday, I took the ferry to Manly on Saturday with Brian Scott Emily and BabySmiles (Tiffany). I had pizza there. We looked at shops. There was jewelry and photographs. Also there were babies. Dogs were everywhere. An Ice Cream shoppe had a chocolate sauce dispenser. I found the Book Of Answers. Brian asked if he should buy the book. The book said "never". BabySmiles asked the book love. I think it told her she would find the answers elsewhere. Brian took many Manly pictures. Scott's Mom typed many things. We took the ferry back with our DayTripper pass. Then we took the ferry back to Manly to look for Emily's camera case. We found it at Ground Zero, after stepping on squishy ground. Scott polluted the ocean whilst Brian found a Penguin. Emily's (really cool) boots did not fall into the sea. Then we took the ferry back. We walked around and had dumplings that did not come with fire. We had pastries too; I had pecan pie.

Sunday I slept in. Because of this I missed church with Cathi and BabySmiles, but went with Emily instead. Hillsong is still 'interesting'. Then, for some reason I don't know, I parted with Emily. Alone for about the second time this trip, I went back to Paddy's Mart and Chinatown to pick up something I had previously scouted out for Wesley Reyes. Then, I had my first bit of completely unproductive time: I fell asleep for three or more hours. Then, Scott Vivi and Me went out for food and to the arcade. I need to practice DDR more. The bubble game was addictive. I won Vivi an Aristocat. After that, Vivi Emily BabySmiles Brian Scott Dan and I went to Dan's room with the clean floor where most of us played a competitive game of uno. BabySmiles chatted online and Emily studied wine. Dan also provided wine, which Emily and Vivi consumed. There has been much wine on this trip. Scott won the first Uno game and I won the second. Props for room 3143.

Today, Monday, June 25th, I have been at work. I also ate strips of bird muscle.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you next time on the Wonderful World of TK! Goodbye!
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