asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Monday, 25th:
Uno day 2! Went to work. They had me updating people's pictures on the SydneyWeb site. Other than that, i spent a lot of time thinking about my group work but not getting any of it done. After work, not much happened. there were plans to go with Emily to get food in Newtown, but that fell through cuz Scott Brian Dan Ryan and BabySmiles (Tiffany) had a group meeting. so me and emily crashed their group meeting, went for food (Subway and BreadTop) and then returned to crash it again and we all hung out, and later vivi came and we played more Uno, the winners were Vivi and myself.

Tuesday, 26th:
Missed free pizza and the CAPA program advertising other CAPA programs. Went to class. Went to the Aquarium with Brian and Dan. It was one of the first things I've done with only guys. The Aquarium was really nice, with underwater tunnels where the seals were and where the sharks were. Darn camera flash dynamics, though! Still, I did get some good pics. We were a little rushed. I was pretty dizzy by the end of it becasue all the glass was strange and distorted. YAY FOR PLATYPI!! after that, I went back to my room, fell asleep for a short bit while playing pokemon, and then scott got back and i played pokemon while he played chrono trigger. and then vivi and Judith (Emily) showed up and we talked and they said i should got to the phm. when i played more pokémon and then scott and i went to vivi and Judith (Emily)'s room and were soon joined by Megan (Emily) and Brian. We played our 5th and 6th Uno game. Winners were Scott and Judith (Vivi's Emily). Then Megan (Emily) played Iris ~{Goo Goo Dolls} and i left to sleep.

(btw, the reason for these detailed posts is because theres this daily journal im supposed to be writing, and im really behind. This way ill remember what i did.)

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