asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

One Shall Stand and One Shall Fall

Wednesday, 27th: went to work (did nothing).. played more uno... next morning did some sketches. class starting to take up most of the time.
Thursday, 28th: went to class, group meeting.. finalizing game proposal...


oh, and did i mention,


In other news, guess who will be preforming right here in Sydney just four short days after i leave?? It's a shame I'm gonna miss this one, its...
Regina Spektor!

and in case any of you misunderstood, transformers was a great movie! it far surpassed my expectations, which, for any of you that know, were really really high. i think it did a good job maintaining the feel of what transformers is really about. i was pretty much in tears after the opening sequence, and i couldnt stop shaking through most of it!

so, all of you people back in america... free up your schedules for July 4th!!!
and if anyone hasnt seen it by the time i return, or in some of your cases even if you have, expect to be going! transformers! moar!!

its good.
really good.

[[EDIT]]Oh yeah, and I finally--finally--beat the Elite Four and Champion last night![[/EDIT]]

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