asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

A Return to the Ball (and to the Dance)

its been along time, but im back!

or rather, i've gone again, but im back here. anyway, alots been going on, most notably a 10 day roadtrip (the 1st to the 11th). im sure i'll look back tearfully and wish i had been more diligent at updating my lj during the last month, but there were many pressing matters to attend to which kept me from the internet nearly constantly. theyre still pressing but will have to be put on hold as i am once again in Indiana and now have naught to do but be online. for now at least.

more to come, but i thought i should update just because.

[[EDIT]]Oh! anyone on the road trip, specifically erie (since she said she would), id like to know the names of all the towns and cities we stopped in, no matter how breifly. if anyone could help out with that, that'd be great![[/EDIT]]

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