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Day 1

Day 1: Accomplished.
Three classes down.
Today my professor said:
"Im like a jackrabbit on crack
who just snorted a big pile
of cocaine."

this doesnt look too terribly bad as far as workload goes, though calculus looks to be every bit as annoying as i'd anticipated.

Also [soon to be] accomplished is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
In a day ive already managed to download 1.5 anime series and around 1000 songs.
yay for a functional laptop.

i hope everyone one elses first days went well! hopefully ill be able to touch base with most of you tonight-or soon. well, the ones that i wont feel too awkward calling! (whatever thats supposed to mean!)

in other news, there have been alot lot lot of things lately that ive really been enjoying. like staying at my dads apartment, and setting up my own room, not to mention driving all over louisville on my own while i had the chance! and gah! i bought a lamp the other day and dare i say i felt accomplished for that. it reminds me of fight club tho.. i hope i dont go and start buying random furniture items for sets!

so far the only person i know in any of my classes was anna. and 'oh yeah' 'by the way' i ran into megan today for a few seconds.

it was good seeing sarah and treni and erie and ryan and sefie and danny and wes and and and definately carol before i left in that last week. (different than the road trip) even though for a few of you it was definately for less than i had hoped. i feel theres alot of gaps between some of us and its unfortunate.

hooray for treni the college student!

good luck to wes the college student!

enjoy the last of your summer carol and sefie!

and allaen is cool too, even though he isnt in this post elsewhere.

goodbye now; i'm hungry.

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