asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

aah.. the first week stuffs out of the way but there are still three days till the weekend! why?? i usually dont settle in till the first weekend, so these next couple days are kinda akward as far as classes go.

anyway, anime goes well.

also, i think im becoming even more pensive than usual! not that many of you really know how pensive that is since its when im alone, but really! this is ridiculous. all this thinking and reflecting... its a good thing im generally optimistic, because as this stuff seems like it would otherwise be really depressing! i mean, i dont really care how much about life i figure out if im alone at the end of the figuring out. what goods that do, eh??

what am i going to do with all this passion as more and more outlets for it turn me away?

alas, ill stop being causticly amusing and consider getting some sleep.
well, not really.. but ill at least stop writing out all this for now.

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