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moar comments, plz!

there are a bunch of little points i wanted to post today, but i stopped myself from posting them all as seperate posts, and instead jotted them down elsewhere. here they are!

Heres the quote i picked up for today:
"Even if we are being killed, we can still pretend its not happening."

i laughed out loud this morning upon the realization that, if i so chose, i could have $400 set aside exclusively for bagels and milk.

it was scary, my watching myself go after music and anime across the internet. i found myself making sounds at and speaking to my computer as my fingers scurried across the keyboard and windows popped up everywhere, not all that unlike Bebop's Ed or one of the characters in NieA...

On Wikipedia, the article for Quantum Decoherence has a warning notice that reads: "this article may be confusing or unclear for some readers."

ahh!!! i'll take it all back!! everything i said about WMP, IE, Photoshop, even the new microsoft word... just... why?? why world??!! why does my CS class use a UNIX base OS????!!!!! what did i ever do to you?!!!?!?!

on a calmer note, one may wonder what i was doing looking up Quantum Decoherence today. well, while my classes are mildly educational, the anime i was watching, in all its splendor, drove me to stop watching and do some research on quantum physics, decoherence, neutrinos, gamma rays, some antimatter and antineutrinos, equations for wavefunction collapse and superposition, the Copenhagen interpretation, Schrödinger's cat, eigenstates, von Neumann architecture, converging timespaces, and so on, to better understand what was going on in the show. twas helpful. :)

oh! and i caught a Nosepass yesterday!

    My Current Playlist:
  1. Paint It Black ~{Utada Hikaru}

  2. Paint It Black ~{Standells}

  3. Paint It Black ~{Skrewdriver}

  4. Paint It Black ~{The Unseen}

  5. Paint It Black ~{The Meteors}

  6. Paint It Black ~{Anti Nowhere League}

  7. Paint It Black ~{Deep Purple}

  8. Paint It Black ~{The Feelies}

  9. Paint It Black ~{Lee Mead}

  10. Paint It Black ~{Mig Ayesa}

  11. Paint It Black ~{Ryan Star}

  12. Paint It Black ~{A Night On Xtacy}

  13. Paint It Black ~{The Agony Scene}

  14. Paint It Black ~{At All Cost}

  15. Paint It Black ~{The Black Dehlia Murder}

  16. Paint It Black ~{The Ventures}

  17. Paint It Black ~{Gina Glocksen}

  18. Paint It Black ~{Jonny Lang}

  19. Paint It Black ~{3 Steps Ahead}

  20. Paint It Black ~{Kalan Porter}

  21. Paint It Black ~{Deadsy}

  22. Paint It Black ~{London Symphony Orchestra}

  23. Paint It Black ~{The Doors}

  24. Paint It Black ~{Eric Burdon; The Animals}

  25. Paint It Black ~{U2}

  26. Paint It Black ~{Vanessa Carlton}

  27. Paint It Black ~{Helloween}

  28. Paint It Black ~{Echo And The Bunnymen}

  29. Paint It Black ~{Gob}

  30. Paint It Black ~{Inkubus Sukkubus}

  31. Paint It Black ~{The Tea Party}

  32. Paint It Black ~{The Residents}

  33. Paint It Black ~{The Quakes}

  34. Paint It Black ~{VNV Nation}

  35. Paint It Black ~{Within Temptation}

  36. Paint It Black ~{The Rolling Stones}

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