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I've had my media player on random, and here's what I've gotten:
    Random Playback
  1. Stay Young ~{Sugarplum Fairy}
  2. Ring Of Fire ~{Johnny Cash}
  3. Get The Girl ~{Plus 44}
  4. All That We Needed ~{Plain White T's}
  5. Acres Of Corn ~{Iris Dement}
  6. Driven By Desire ~{The Summer Obsession}
  7. Elect Death For President ~{Wednesday 13}
  8. So Much For The Afterglow ~{Everclear}
  9. Strawberry Wine ~{Faith Hill}
  10. My Virgin Widows ~{Mors Syphilitica}
  11. Chillout Tent ~{The Hold Steady}
  12. The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts ~{Sufjan Stevens}
  13. Hands Down ~{Dashboard Confessional}
  14. How Deep Is Your Love ~{Take That}
  15. Time After Time ~{Cyndi Lauper}
  16. Demise ~{Angels And Airwaves}
  17. Date Of Expiration ~{Funker Vogt}
  18. Graduate ~{Third Eye Blind}
  19. Harder To Breathe ~{Maroon 5}
  20. New Wave Jacket ~{Polysics}
  21. For You I'm Bleeding ~{Wolfsheim}
  22. Nature Of The Experiment ~{Tokyo Police Club}
  23. I'd Lie ~{Taylor Swift}
  24. Imaginary Ordinary ~{Architecture In Helsinki}
  25. Bleeds No More ~{Silverstein}
  26. This World Is Made Of Paper ~{Thunderbirds Are Now!}
  27. All My Problems ~{Smile Empty Soul}
  28. Mr. Blue Sky ~{The Delgados}
  29. Intervention ~{The Arcade Fire}
  30. In This Life ~{Chantal Kreviazuk}
  31. Calling The Moon ~{Dar Williams}
  32. Singing In My Sleep ~{Semisonic}
  33. Let It Bleed ~{The Used}
  34. Indie Rock & Roll ~{The Killers}
  35. There's A Good Reason Why These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet ~{Panic! At The Disco}
  36. The Dream Within ~{Josh Grobin; Lara Fabian}
  37. To Think I Used To Love You ~{Uncle Cracker}
  38. Floorkiller ~{Icon Of Coil}
  39. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine ~{The Killers}
  40. Goodbye Again ~{Vertical Horizon}
  41. 10,000 Fists ~{Disturbed}
  42. I've Been Everywhere ~{Johnny Cash}
  43. Let's Get Known ~{The Unicorns}
  44. Take It All Away ~{Puddle Of Mudd}
  45. Seven Nation Army ~{The White Stripes}
  46. We Are The Champions ~{Queen}
  47. Giving Up ~{Silverstein}
  48. Stormy Weather ~{Django Reinhardt}
  49. Smooth Criminal ~{Alien Ant Farm}
  50. She Cries ~{Jewel}
  51. Goodbye To You ~{Michelle Branch}
  52. No It Isn't ~{Plus 44}
  53. Me And Mia ~{Ted Leo And The Pharmicists}
  54. Something To Forget ~{Texas Is The Reason}
  55. I Love You ~{Tanita Tikaram}
  56. If I Fall ~{Tara Maclean}
  57. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger ~{Daft Punk}
  58. Into The White ~{Pixies}
  59. Somewhere Else ~{Razorlight}
  60. Stayin' Alive ~{The Bee Gees}
  61. DARE ~{Gorillaz}
  62. Wake Me When It's Over ~{Longwave}
  63. Dragonfly ~{The Crüxshadows}

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