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Cute Girls Ride Bikes (And August Ends)

well they do.
and it has.

aren't you glad?
rest easy tonight in the confirmation of your decisions.

aren't you satisfied?
made content through excess searching
and confirmation in the sufficiency of what you've had all along.

aren't you frightened?
standing in the threshold of all the decisions you'll ever make,
but know your future is secure.

and am i dancing?
or am i dying?
i watch my life flow by with the summer, spring.
too many seasons for me to possibly forget,
too many names for me to possibly regret.

aren't you having fun?
don't be terrified of who you are,
don't be scared; you're not alone.

aren't you winding down?
let yourself be captivated by the love around you,
it surrounds you, don't you see?

aren't you who you are?
you've always seemed beautiful enough to me.

and am i dancing?
or am i dying?
i see myself flow by with the passing of the years.
too many heartaches to ever rest at ease,
too many memories to ever be alone.

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