asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Shirin Bolhari is singing: ""looks like the real thing - tastes like the real thing - my Fake Plastic Love -- and if I could BE who you wanted - all the time, all the time."
Vanessa C is dizzy.
Beth Pehlke is watching football and doing homework all day.
Sera Kim is retarded.
Kayla Dowdy is AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Bryant is the birthday girl!
Eric Moeller is seeing "how far we've come." Thanks to Matchbox 20.
Lindsey Warren is playin.......
Sarah Rogers is happy.
Sarah Scheer is tired...
Irene Palmer is in Merida. that is crazy. they just let us fly over here. wow.
Andy Rapone is en Merida!
Jason Lloyd is buying a stairway to heaven.
Marilyn Szeszycki is finally an aunt/godmother of lil' David Joseph (DJ)!!! He has an awesome birthday:9/8/07.
Nichole Dothsuk is wondering WHY her BEST FRIENDS let her get a nose ring....?
Kimmy Cook is saying heck yes- making the $ finally...:).
Reese 'Hawkzilla' Hawkins is writing again.
Sarah Grooms is sleepy and unmotivated....
Ashley Despot is waiting with much anticipation to see the first video of Mansion once it opens back up !
Kimi Pearson is ready for a water balloon fight!
Jennifer Litsey is singin "dark night, hold tight, and sleep tight my baby."
Corey Gragg is wishing that.
Michael Hatter is just so-so.
Tori Proffitt is recooperating from an evening with Aretha, and a bunch of rich drunk people.
Katie Watson is totally lovin' tonights blue light special!!
Corey Tyler is not feeling so good.
Clay Owens is flowing.
Jessica Palmer is changing.
Michael Youngstrom is Cheech and Chong"ing" right now ;).
Andrew Rafla is hopping he can get his passport for this WB so he can go have some fun.
Jason Hines is bald...? Damn, he ugly.
Christine Knights is so sick of it all.
Jenna Lynn Ellis is wondering why facebook hasn't decreased the page margins to compensate for the obscene amount of applications everyone has.... (including myself :-D).
Michael Dorko is unable to find an mp3 for "it's a small world."
Kelli White is wtf.
Adelaide Williams is migrating coconuts.
Madeleine Bowling is done dancing til Tuesday...
Abby Holbrook is needn to lose some weight.
Mandy Acord is freezing..and i'm sleeping.
Maria Swift is six feet from the edge and thinking maybe six feet, ain't so far down!
Aliyah Davis is unnervingly sad.
Amber Joy is tryin to sleep it off.
Anna Parker is back from seeing MSI for the 2nd time in one week YAY.
Thomas Rasinen is enjoying live Bawn in the Mash!
Sean Giddings is finding himself in love with Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Seth Trent is having existential issues.
Brian Ott is singing a song about the sun. remember?
Josh Campbell is wondering what's next.
Lasacha Conley is on call and wishing she wasn't.
Sarah Z. is relaxin.'
Nathan Futrell is headin' to work.
Kassandra Johnson is not wanting to feel like a waste of space anymore.. it's gettin kinda old...
Eric Fitts is ....And this too shall pass.
Feiah Cole is allergic to Sarah's epidermis.
Megan Nyre is puppysitting at elisa's, probably staying the night.
Travis Johnson is a bit stress, but thinks he has everything figured out for his new place.
Katie Schmid is wondering if what you said tonight was true...
Ashley Ivey is happy we AssAssinated Alleghany today.
Mandy King is yumm...brownies.
Megan Connelly is happy birthday TK :).
Brenda Pablo is completely bored and wants to do something tonight.
Puneet Bhalrhu is going bar hoppin on susnet tonight.
Krysten Chaney is's to the men that we love, here's to the men that love us, but the men that we love will never love us so screw all the men and here's to us!!!
Stoya England is loving cookouts and her JMC pple!
Nicole Crawford is wanting waffles, just sounds soooo good!
Sarah Farmer is PUMPED ABOUT THE JOURNEY TOMORROW MORNING ... 9:45 and 11:00 am!!!
Anna Pickerell is so proud of my Carolina Gamecocks!
Andrea Sienicki is folded.
Brady Thompson is going skydiving tomorrow!
Adam Hahn is blessed!!
Jenny Bamfin Gilbert is really happy, and has quite the decision to make.
Jessica Green is watching football!
Nick C Reinke is back in the States.
Shelley Stiles is having the best day of my life...after re-evaluating my life!
Eric Abrams is trying, and failing, to remember the last time Michigan started a season 0-2 in the big house.
Erik D Grissom is suddenly addicted to green tea!
Emily Turner is strawberry wine, seventeen.
Ashley Read is loving the last warm weekend in beantown.
Chelsea Mason is pumped for a night of movies and frolicking.
Blake Brandenburg is not doing research like he should.
Laura 'Bazz' Bassler is speachless.
Valerie Yankowy is havin a good weekend!
Laura Kocur is drying out from the football game.
Caleb Foss is making this a habit.
Maggie Rollings is not very happy!
Karen Biscopink is learning a valuable lesson about clubbing in Shanghai 6:15 a.m. sound checks.
HEATHER BOND is at the ocean.
Matt Blikken is ready to partay!
Steven Reeves is loving Metroid Prime 3!
Brittney Johnson is laughing about the cops coming last night, but at the same time is NOT liking her neighbors at all!
Brooke Pearson is not at the beach.
Katherine Luking is excited for extravaganza!
Mallory Marshall is feeling better today.
Sarah Speck is in the music library listening to Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven.
Tanner Watson is Happy about new desk, thanks Sam.
Kristi Kirtley is bummed about the rain...
Erin Monahan is ready to have some fun this weekend!!!
Jessica Harris is loving the storm :).
Tyler J. Kupferer is being kinda emo.
Sonya Matejovic is excited about the VMAs.
Christina Marcott is in love with my bf.
Emily Suhrheinrich is
Vincenzo Lafronza is chillin before work.
Tyler Petty is needing the gaim to step up for tomorrow.
Ashley Lane is one drenched beauty queen, hahah. :o).
Kelly Lynn Keith is that..
Lincoln Li is finished writing the design document... time to learn XNA!
Dirken Gaboriault is sitting on a balcony of his hotel in Vietnam.
Andrea Wesley is drinkIn n partyin ...gotta love it!!!
Morgan McCall is with the kiddies today...1st contest :-S.
Whitney Coyle is getting ready for lunch with Robert's family...yay!!!
Mandy Heckard is realizing there is a reason why you don't see some people for long periods of time....
Aaron Butler is sending all his lovin to you.
Trevor Garner is IN SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!!
Paddy Shaughnessy is tailgating and Many Moore Concert!!
Juli is pretty great, thanks.
Nick 'Tatts' Schulz is wondering whats really goin on.
Greg Monroe is ready for some football!!!!
Nick Evans is really sad that annabelle's is closing permanently.
Kelly Leech is ready for a CATS WIN!!!
Melanie Figaniak is going shopping!
Claire Thixton is despite all her rage, still just a rat in a cage.
Whitney Goodin is super happy for Meghan!
Jillian Brown is LOViNG iT ;].
Meridith Cheng is my b day party tmr.
Jeremy W Cays is wishing things were better. He's sorry he hurt you so much:(.
Brittany Johnson is having issues breathing becasue the NyQuil isn't working.
Ryan Gnizak is moving across the country. no internet until next sunday :(.
Whitney Vandoski is enjoying the weekend, and looking foward to the remainder of it. Go Boilers!
LaLa 'Brasil' is VIP status ALL DAY!! Gotta driver NOW!
Kurt McConnell is hoping he gets in the game vs. EIU.
Anna Hebert is busier than you know.
Phillip LeCompte is AYSDVBALSDKCBWUFA.SCNASUABWCAKSJDNCW (That's a different language!!)
Anthony Oliver is feeling like crap.
Simon Tsang is really depressed.
Lindsey Alexander is with her favorite.
Ruth Ozug is cartwheeling around campus.
Ty Yeoman is livin' the Dream loud and proud...and trying to look like Chris Farley at the same time...not big enough.
Johnny Isaac is there is too much drama in the air, wooo that stinks y am in this?
Adrienne Black is not wanting to clean...
Julia Staggers is on vacation!!!
Britney Thompson is statusless.
Gina Burress is at home for now.....
Mitchum Owen is blah.
Megan Crow is drinking poison from the poison stream and floating out of here...
Christopher Campbell is is riding his vulcan 800.
Rena Curry is wanting to be next to Jesus' armpit.
Lindsy Hood is wondering why there's a guy climbing around on her balcony... and she's still hungry.
Jesse Weaver is poor leno where he be oh.
Casie Gresham is exhausted.
Emily Woodard is pumped about going home this weekend for lil's 21st!
Emily Chambers is Bored.
Lynn Vaughn is so happy her man is home! and i get my ring back tom!
Dan Burgess is kicking butt at his new job.
Lauren McClure is gettin my game face on for tonight's festivities!!!
Jennifer Mielke is thinking...
Dustin Engle is disappointed about how we played but happy we won.
Steven Renke is talented at breathing, especially at exhaling.
Jacob Clinard is livin the dream.
Chris Davis is rawkinthe hawk!
Julie Cservenak is looking for local rodeos.
Melissa Langdon is at a convent for the weekend. No, really.
Sarah Kelzer is soooo ready for the weekend..thank god it's finally here.
Delaney is nervous about quitting her job... but excited!!
Amanda Rudolph is diving into a terribly busy weekend. Weee!
Caitlin Mock is really excited for the format concert.
Lorrie Veach is sleepy.
Lauren Alexander is understanding that Love means Letting go.♥.
Sarah Slone is tired.
Heather Beal is Going to a Rascal Flatts concert in OCTOBER!!!!
Dara Doran is cold cold cold.
Amanda Pehlke is listening to the new JEW record.
Vala Mal Doran is infuriated that the Facebook nazis have rendered her inventor's ode unavailable!!!
Charlene Siza is so glad it's the weekend!
Brittany Camenisch is excited about the pants party!
Kate Beer is a five star triple threat; hardest of the hard to get...
Shea Majors is punishing her body to elevate her soul.
Laura Lemanski is EXCITED FOR FOOTBALL!!!!!
Emily Harlow is at home mourning the loss of a friend and celebrating another year of her sisters life.
Paige Eggers is check it out! My brother is player of the week! AND I LOVE ATM! :).
Ayumi Deeny is bitch please.
Sarah Cummings is counting down the glorious days until her root canal...
Anna Bland is killing time.
Sarajane 'Sj' Behl is living.
Samantha Bottom is balancing equations!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Smith is trying his hardest to force happy thoughts into his head so he can remember what it feels like to really smile and not pretend to smile. He misses really smilin.
Jenni Ballew is hurting from totaling her truck .
Dr Meridith Bartley is in love with her lacrosse buddies.
Ericka Bales is having a damn wonderful day.
Camille Soriano is goin home this weekend.
Bethany Trotter is excited for life!!!
Ross Ragsdale is a bump on a log.
JJ McConaha is excited about the Centre soccer action tonight at the 18th Annual Bob Allen Nissan Classic! Go out and support the Colonels!
Sarah Furtkamp is saying bye-bye to the Eagle! It's kind of sad, but much more exciting =) She'll be back Sunday!
Kayla Forrester is not as happy as you're pretending to be.
Ellen Snider is so happy its friday..
Bret Langham is wanting to hit the reset button on his college career.
Danielle Stefko is studying.
Sophia Roman Jannace is WTF fighting ^_^.
Alex Garcia is vacationing in Morocco with his friend Amy.
Matt O'Daniel is getting back from failing his 1st test.
Laura Cochran is about to fly.
Patrick Thomas is hoping he is making the right financial decisions.
Amy Knights is working.
Maggie Mastrolia is :).
Jessica Bartley is on cloud nine! :-).
Whitney Hirschinger is loving her COLTS!!
Simeon Cherrix is supasoakin them hoes...
Brooke Tandy is happy that the colts kicked the saints' butts, but very very sleepy.
Katie Massey is ready for October to see Justin again!
Lauren Carbone is heart broken.
Lyn Prince is finally feeling better.
Sarah Watson is able to walk in a straight line now that she has medication!
Nickel Aho is having a great time!
Jordan Michael Melbourne Davis is Today I feel empowered. Today I will make the world mine. Tomorrow I will forget Time!
Brian Carney is not really Alum, but you can pretend he is until December.
Andrew Gish is counting down the days until his hair goes from amazingly long to super short.
Lee Cochran is still bearded!!! Have no fear!!!
Emily Bryant is praying that she can do it.
John Worrell is disappointed for Drew Brees.
**** ******** is preparing to blow another fireball, just like the one in the picture you see... Great balls of fire! lookout.
Alyssa Zechman is in extreme diet mode!
Scarlett Springate is done with final fantasy XII!
Karen Ellestad is baffled by the similarities between Helen Mirren and the woman who spawned her.
Lindsey Felton is out.
Natalie Tallie Armstrong is looking forward to tomorrow and spending time with her favorite somebody.
Beth Hamilton is apparently sleeping through a typhoon.
Melissa Rivett is dreading the listening quiz. It seems nearly impossible.
Amy Wingfield is wanting life in every word to the extent that it's absurd.
Mary Beth McCullum is its thursday...need i say more!
Laura Bowles is going to see Bob Dylan in 2 weeks!!!!
Whitney Kelsey is moving on and going strong.
David Butler is tired.
Brad Lohmeyer is going home in 2 days... Chicago, Danville, Lafayette.
Katie Murphy is excited about memphis this weekend!!!
Adam Smith is pumped that it is officially football season!
Jessie Clark is in Strasbourg!
Kelsey Martin is bummed.
Andrea Huffman is drunk downtown for the COLTS GAME!!!
Amanda Loftis is wanting to be back in Orlando.
Christine Taylor is 21 & doing the Bambi walk!
James Wheeler is mad!!!
Scott Ulanoski is early weekend 6 month love affair anniversary of love making with aleks celebration.
Lauren Young is surprised anthro teachers can get way with that kind of stuff.
Christine Hall is hating her job... it is more stress than its worth!
David Abell is going to mexico.
Karla Aguirre is headachey, but otherwise fine :D.
Philip Bader is searching for his inner-teacher.
Juliana Patterson is thinking if you arent tiny then we cant be friends! haha.
Alicia Orgel is sick as balls + anus.
Michael Daughtery is wondering how his hair got so short.
Stephanie Galla is in class...but on the internet.
Jared Beek is amazed.
Joshua Ramos is done sending her thank you cards. If only life was as easy as facebook--and you!
Jessa Dodds is gonna be watchin the colts game!!! :).
Stephanie Sabbath is trying really hard.
Tiffani Wheat is ready for this week to be over.
Lauren DePaso is at the VMA's!!!!!
Alyssa Denning is thinking that life is really good right now and its only getting better every day!!
Emily Ellison is going to be Kinsey when she grows up!
Jordan Golembeski is SnobbySauce...PlehPlehPlehPl ehPleh.
Jessica Beckley is ready for the weekend.
Bradley Clarke is pumped that he got an "A" on each of his quizzes he took today!!!
Rachel Tatum Thomas is working for the weekend.
Sarah Martin is rawr.
Amy Spinner is ready for another weekend.
Kelli Jo VanArsdale is working at a daycare, doing homework and wedding thank you cards, with eating and sleeping being at a minimal right now.
Kristen Houser is MANGOing.
Jennifer Haines is is anxious...and misses Joel more than ever right now...
Cowann Owens is on point like needle tips.
Krystal Rose is excited for pediatrics and managing her own life. But tired of being sick!!
Dominic Wasserzug is not jewish.
Jenny Wilkins is enjoying her new cellular tellyphone.
Tracy Guss is probably painting her new place.
Nathan Ducker is flustered.
Kimberly Roley is sad she's going to miss the Daft Punk show in Sydney. :(.
Kelley Nash is nestled in bed watching a movie.
Colin James Davis is so stinkin' pumped for the rest of week/weekend.
Lance Christian Huffman is overwelmed with love from his peeps.
Marshall Reinhart is ready to dance.
Jenna Eastman is pumped about this weekend!
Adam Taylor Brown is officially an Apple fanboy. He just sat through an hour and a half of live blog coverage of the new iPods' unveiling. What a dork.
Emily Zenger is thinking this semester might be ok or might kill her.
Ryan Sotolongo is statuses???(plural of status??) are stupid.
Amber Scheinert is enjoying the beautiful weather! :).
Caycee Collins is the standup wheelie guy on the red bike.
Eric Connor is tired of school already and can't find his flash drive :-/.
Eddie Buchanan is three weeks.
Kim Waters is muy contenta porque voy a ir a punta del este y montevideo, uraguay esta fin de semana!!
Felicia Bergeron is back to being a student :(.
Erica Sanchez is still work no play.
Summer Carder is remembering that rule #1,324 says "no exploding".
Kye Valentine is waiting for this weekend. Friends, party, Friends, lovin it!
Devin Cates is so so sick of all the bad luck he's been having....
Rob Hazelip is falling through this week.
Tom Allen is being saved.
Sarah Bly is needs her computer to magically start working.
Travis Cook is staying in EAC 101! Hooray.
Amy Chambers is spending all day at home with the dogs and then time with my boo :)).
Amanda DiBattiste is depressed...confused...hurt. ..and God knows what else.
Jennifer Thompson is going to Chicago tomorrow!!!
Tara Joachimstaler is not wanting to do any sort of work at alllllll!!!
Michael Biggs is happy that it is finally raining, we needed it!
Amy Worster is trusting the you all LTSP!
Grant Embry is selling shit on the blackmarket.
Sarah Ramsey is in a clusterF***.
Joe McAloon is trying to concentrate on a paper he needs to type up...
Lady Emily is online.
Stephanie Susemichel is all about it.
Jackie Dohrenwend is trying to remember Sep. 15th, Sep. 15th, Sep. 15th...
Katie Holmes is loving her new "chucks."
AJ McQuillen is chillin.
Andrew Boyd is ABOUT TO DIE FROM SUPER BOREDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaylie Blaise is in need for Vandy tickets.
Lizzy Bryant is feeling accomplished for some weird reason.
Gina Collecchia is all moved in!
Scott Hendrix is HAPPY that Adam is texting him!
Evan Baskerville is thinking about nifty looking airplanes.
Ricky Case is having a wonderful day!!!
Kimberly Strange is amazed at how quickly time passes.
Stephanie Zeller is sleepy.
Seth Merlin Payne is easy like sunday morning.
Janel McGill is starting her new job at New York & Company!
Elizabeth Lester is rock your body mic check one two cause it aint a party til my crew run through move your body show me what you can do like ohhh ohhh.
Vivianette Ocasio is playing with her new DS!!! Red & Black BABY! Just like her new hair...
Emily Kilroy is trying to find football tickets.
Beth Clifton is running away with Bridget!
Pat Bissell is sleeping.
Taft A is setting his face like a flint.
Jamison Norwood is sad but loves her wonderful friends!
Chase Wilson is matteiru.
Katherine Park is building a wall of books around her.
Katie Gresham is looking foward to cookies and football.
Luke Garlock is not ignoring you, he's just busy working 11 days straight.
Katie Healy is back in action!!
Josh Havekost is happy w'his girl.
Shannon Davis is back at school.
Emily GRoss is is wishing that she was her way back home to her New York for fashion week.
Nikita Pelfrey is .
Rachael Kalbfleisch is Amazed that she has the best boyfriend ever!
Emily West is back to scool work. boo.
Wes Eastman is excited because Beth got him tickets to the Bears-Cowboys game at Soldier Field.
Amber Boyers is sad the weekend is over!!
James Hatter is dowloading scipts for greasemonkey for facebook.
Lelia Rechtin is always remembering.
Ally Goranson is in Las VEGAS.
Kelli Grigsby is happy.
Dave Rose is keepin' it real.
Bobby Joe Clark is wondering about alot of stuff that's going on in his life right now.
Kyle Whitaker is glad he got Audibie and not iLike because it's one million times better.
Scott Tatum is metroid (nes).
Joel Harter is OK, I guess.
Rudy Spencer is loving this honesty box thing.
Hannah Braxton is amazed at how much muscles can hurt when they want too.
Nic Burt is so very lonely....
Melissa Nail is enjoying life....muah!
Christina Colllins is rainbowz and sunshine.
Sergio Cole is not here at the moment. Please leave a message and he'll back to you at the earliest convenience. BEEP.
Jessica McCoy is goin to the EBN fireworks tonight.
Nate Gallagher is getting blood money.
Kyle Sciamanna is not sure what he wants out of this but sure that what you want is completely different than what I'm looking for.
Lauren Sberna is excited about recruitment :).
Valerie Moore is content.

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