asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

a day of birthdays: september 11th

oh man!, is it a beautiful day or what?
the heat has ended abruptly, and though its still warm, there are cool, autumn-esque breezes about.
its great
ah, every year i'm always taken aback by how much i love the fall. the fall smells.
its not quite fall-feeling here yet, but the smells have been coming and going with the breeze.

theres just no way around this: autumn is my favorite season.

in other news, im starting to get caught up with my schoolwork! the one big thing i had for today i completed, leaving me with two little things for tomorrow and one for thursday. :)

also, i came across something thats made me laugh lots. its an anime called Nodame Cantabile, and im suprisingly really enjoying it. ive only seen a few episodes though, and im not sure if it's going to be able to maintain this level of enjoyment throughout.

(as a footnote, i also finished outlaw star, which i have to say..despite my attempts to pick out its good points, its mediocre, fun, and doesnt really go anywhere. oh well. i really like the ending song though! well, and the opening for that matter. speaking of outlaw star, there are a couple of quotes from it i wanna post later. er.. i guess ill go look them up now)

i did end up watching in english (i was lazy and wanted to get up and get food without having to pause it) so either it wasnt as bad as my initial assessment (not that the japanese voice acting was all that hot), or i just got jaded to it, which is entirely possible considering i had just watched all of Infinite Ryvius in english.

Okay, outlaw star quotes:
Narrator: As humanity was spreading their colonies out into space, as to be expected, there were many encounters with alien races. these encounters sometimes gave rise to war, and other times discussion ended in the establishment of friendly relations. there are currently six alien races that mankind has encountered. comparatively speaking, the Nayans and the Corbonites are friendly towards humans. the Silgrians, have been considered by most to be too friendly. humanity's relationship with the Rorgans is somethat bad, and there are obstacles in even even associating with the Sith.

Narrator: On the homeworlds of most civilized races, there exist ancient ruins that defy explanation... Noone knows who built these ruins, or even how they possibly could have been constructed. And in space, there exist ruins that are related to a race, yet a race of unknown origin. [As Pyramids and other Egyptian-esque images scroll across the screen] Some researchers have concluded that these ruins might be the products of a super-ancient extinct race, and they presume that the ancient ruins of Earth and other planets may have been built by them as well.


moving on, the last thing i have to say is that ive entered one-week-countdown-mode for Lucky Star, and from there it wont be to much longer till El Cazador and then Romeo & Juliet are released! grand!

later turkeys.
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