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Dragon Wars

OKAY. i just got back from seeing what i am seriously considering calling the worst movie i have ever seen. DRAGON WARS. Allan, you HAVE to see it. Carol, Wesley, i highly recommend you also see it. Everyone else, especially if you can appreciate bad movies, go see it too!!! like sefie and treni and erin and ryan. and whoever else still logs on frequently enough to see this post. yes. and take someone with you. it'll be funnier in a pair than alone.

so. i'm not going to go into everything that was wrong with the movie because, quite frankly it doesnt deserve a proper critique and i do not feel i have the time to write out all its flaws nor do i want to have to think hard enough to come up with the terminology for all the different things it failed at.

continunity, plot..(i was lost 5 minutes in) even the sound effects (notice them) were excessive. to it's credit, this movie had some of the best CG i've seen, although it did absolutely nothing for the movie.

in a word, the movie was nothing but cliches, which, i know is a word that doesnt show up on my lj very often, more frequently residing on the pages of the erie/allaen collective. still though, i really dont think the movie could have been much worse. going as far as to use lines like "it's our destiny" and "but i dont understand..why me???" verbatim, about half way through i remember thinking to myself, 'wow! theyve touched on almost everything i can think of to make cliche. the only thing they havent said yet is... " and then within a couple minutes they would use whatever phrase i was thinking of almost word for word.

its great! the first half or so was hilarious! i havent laughed out loud in a theatre that much in a long time. eventually, it even began to run its own ridiculousness into the ground to the point that youre jsut sitting thinking, didnt the movie end about an hour and a half ago? why's it still playing...? and, if youre like me, how the heck did they get the budget for this much CG?

and if you really need a reason to see it other than the fact that i just said to, keep in mind that it had dragons!

oh, how lovely!

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