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First Survey-Thing in awhile; stolen From crayonstochaos

How many total songs? 4969

Sort by Song Title
First: .45 ~{Shinedown}
Last: Zorba the Greek ~{LCD Soundsystem}

Sort by Time
First: Recovery Room ~{The Jealous Sound}
Last: Blue ~{The Birthday Massacre}

Sort by Album
First: Take Me To The Other Side ~{Aerosmith}
Last: Zorba the Greek ~{LCD Soundsystem}

Top Ten Most Played Songs
[not that accurate since i only recently set up music in this player]

1. Unwell ~{Matchbox Twenty}
2. Pretty Girl ~{Sugarcult}
3. Prelude 12/21 ~{A.F.I.}
4. Elevator Love Letter ~{Stars}
4. Walking In Memphis ~{Lonestar}
5. Paint It Black ~{VNV Nation}
5. Bright Lights ~{Matchbox Twenty}
5. Hicktown ~{Jason Aldean}
5. Missing ~{Everything But The Girl}
6. A Thousand Miles ~{Vanessa Carlton}
6. Paint It Black ~{Vanessa Carlton}
6. Scar Tissue ~{Red Hot Chili Peppers}
6. Famous Last Words ~{My Chemical Romance}
6. Amarillo Sky ~{Jason Aldean}
6. The Blower's Daughter ~{Damien Rice}
6. Because The Night ~{10,000 Maniacs}

Ten Recently Played Songs
1. Turn Off The Light ~{Nelly Furtado}
2. The Best D*** Thing ~{Avril Lavigne}
3. Here Are The Young Moderns ~{Kill Hannah}
4. Sleeping Beauty ~{A Perfect Circle}
5. There Is Power In A Union ~{Billy Bragg}
6. Perfect Insanity ~{Disturbed}
7. Havana Affair ~{Red Hot Chili Peppers}
8. Little ~{Something Corporate}
9. Australia ~{The Shins}
10. There You Go ~{Pink}
11. Head For The Hills ~{Saves The Day}
12. Whatever ~{Hüsker Dü}
13. Debaser ~{Pixies}
14. Bless The Broken Road ~{Rascal Flatts}
15. Carrying Your Love With Me ~{George Strait}
16. What Might Have Been ~{Diamond Rio}

Find "sex," how many songs show up? 11

Find "death," how many songs show up? 46
[29 without death cab!]

Find "love," how many songs show up? 276

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