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There's Nothing To See Here People, Keep Moving On

The concert was amazing!
Not like last week, which was amazing because of Within Temptation. This was an amazing concert overall. What a concert should be, more or less.
first up was a local instrumental group called gravity which i totally digged. i dont do instrumental, but their sound was hxc.
then some other (scream-metal) group played played that looked really hardcore but had a pretty sweet female lead singer with blue hair and cool boots. :)
and then Sonata Arctica, who i'd say were preceded by their coolness and their fun personalities, and then their music. and their guitarist person who was just intense.
there was a little moshing, it was fun. not like last week. there was enough energy that, by the end of it i was pretty familiar with all the people around me, yesness.
and carol and elizabeth (elisabeth?) were there! yay!

and a wolf showed up on stage at the end. O.o;

but peabodys was small! still, im looking forward to seeing nightwish there next month.

and let me tell you! the trip from cleveland to west lafayette from 12:00 to 6:30 am was alot of fun! but ive nearly taken care of all the classwork i've had.

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