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consider this a follow-up to scotts post. I too can be random.

in case you cant tell from scotts post, these are googlisms. from . THEY ARE RANDOM. lets make this a chain. ppl who read this go and googlism your friends and post. tee. if you want to, of course./lj-cut>



Sarah P
sarah p is very careful holding me
sarah p is the contact person for this
sarah p is an oven that catalogues its contents
sarah p is very nice and very funny

Sarah M
sarah m is on the swinging log
sarah m is uber goth
sarah m is the 5th child of this union
sarah m is cool

Sarah B
sarah b is another friend
sarah b is a new york sports club manager in nyc
sarah b is also a very fine guitar player
sarah b is organising food

sarrah is responsible for project production drawings and presentations with an emphasis on computer
sarrah is studying psychology at the university of cincinnati
sarrah is a member of the healdsburg 4
sarrah is attacking me

scott is executed by injection
scott is fit to die
scott is hot
scott is clinton's white house mistress

ryan is a smart college guy who loves to work
ryan is an assassin
ryan is america's premier career coach
ryan is cooler than mike

amanda is currently having a small rebellion
amanda is a bad mother
amanda is a vivacious young english diva girl
amanda is the advanced maryland automatic network disk archiver

Nick (me!)
nick is watching you
nick is dressed for the cold
nick is a junky
nick is the one

ed is a good man
ed is a recipe for disaster
ed is laying temporary power cables above ground
ed is drunk at gatwick airport

Cyndi (Cindy?)
cyndi is scary
cyndi is a goddess
cyndi is a thief
cyndi is coming to oklahoma city april 27

beka is an aluminum factory in egypt for aluminum products
beka is not a natural blonde
beka is used by a lot of christian schools
beka is made of maple

erin is not at fault
erin is also the recipient of the ua achievement scholarship
erin is a ranger
erin is an inspirational reminder of the human spirit

carol is in brazil
carol is a princess
carol is on the crest of a wave
carol is the story of a teenage girl whose life seems normal enough until she notices music disappearing from all around her

wesley is signed to the punk label 'alternative tentacles'
wesley is having a psychological problems
wesley is somewhat conservative in his rituals
wesley is sentenced to death for innocently violating a foreign planet's customs

beth is cute
beth is a demonic monster
beth is a poster girl for vd
beth is constantly seeking ways to make a positive difference in the lives of others

Chris P
chris p is the creative director and he'll be directing the "lowbrow" pilot for cartoon network
chris p is still a threat
chris p is just alright with me
chris p is cut open

Chris T
chris t is so angry he's forgotten all about punctuation
chris t is one of those very interesting charismatic types with a quick wit and almost certainly a good screen presence
chris t is the light of humanity
chris t is thinking about having an abortion

matt is pretty cool in those shades
matt is brilliance in a rawhide satchel
matt is keen on giving his readers the details of how to run a successful business
matt is being tested as never before

jesse is not responsible for any mental scarring
jesse is a cool dog
jesse is my source of information
jesse is still well known for his moving ballads and his ability to touch the softer sides of just anyone

mary is a bonny lassie
mary is still there after all these years
mary is the queen of heaven
mary is close to those suffering or in danger


rachel is a dork
rachel is my friend
rachel is here to prove it
rachel is a christian

bri is the key
bri is not accepting calls
bri is conducting extensive research in areas of vascular disease and bleeding disorder prevention
bri is a notebook

katlyn is in perfect condition
katlyn is 42
katlyn is an intelligent and energetic girl
katlyn is standing next to him and i realize she is crying

andrew is very optimistic
andrew is a car nut
andrew is nationally renowned for his rich warm voice
andrew is the patron saint of scotland

lilly is dancing on the table
lilly is thinking of retirement
lilly is truly a mysterious being
lilly is always eager to make another child's dreams come true

brad is a great guy
brad is fresh and tasty
brad is a friend of keanu reeves
brad is pleased to announce that he is courting an attractive girl

kyle is eating squid right now
kyle is that guy that sits in back in the dark
kyle is very particular about his flooring
kyle is a 9 year old boy with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy

sparks is best known for radiskull & devil doll
sparks is made up of students who wish to work with children and young adults with special needs
sparks is a true romantic who knows how to weave a sweetly sentimental story
sparks is our very best chronicler of the human heart

emily is dressed in black
emily is one of the most complex
emily is quite advanced for her age
emily is cornered into volunteering for a program in a hospital where she brings her dog

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