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The Richest Month

i saw her that day, her hopes high, and her cautions higher. chatting with her friends she seemed so cool. everything she was was bigger than herself, knowledge and leadership, but not for its own purpose. the center of attention because she was strong. because she was barely holding on, and because everyone wanted to be around her. the careful calculation, the sad repose, i watched her eyes go deeper than her voice as her friends laughed and her lips smiled. wearing some light color, wearing some yarn, wearing whatever she wanted to, a hand gesture and shes sincere and intent. whats she looking for? looking for confirmation, looking for life, not settling for any easy-to-see-through contraptions, no, but seeking out the truth. literature and learning are fine hobbies, and it doesn't matter if shes alone. (of course it matters.) whats she doing here? here by a friends suggestion, is this where she wants to be? secretly, shes so afraid. secretly, shes so scared. what if theres nothing more than this? what if she is all alone? but the music starts, and she having fun. having a good time, and shes so pleased. this will do, wont it? wont it? hold on girl. you may think you're alright, but you're wrong. you're so much more. you shine as bright as any star; the world is eclipsed by you. your vibrance, your life, every move you ever make is spectacular. you think you've learned, you think you know, you're always trying to hold your own, independent, strong, and you've only just begun. hold on girl. the world may seem to hate you now, but it doesn't need to see you now. you're going to show them all. your dreams are yours and you're about to have them. this world is your world; take, have. and all i see is you.

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