asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

im trying to update more often.

hii, all. tis my b-day. 18.
yesterday was the last day of school.
last person to sign my yearbook: dr. shoemaker
last person to talk to before leaving school: erin

went to church last night, which was great because i got to see sarah p.
i really would prefer not to address people with their last initial, but in these cases it seems inevitable and unavoidable.
sarah b was there too. and sarrah.
so it was cool.

then ryan took me home, but first we took home some friends of his...far far away.
had taco bell, got home about two.
so far today, eight (8) people have wished me happy birthday.
1) ryan, at midnight
2) sarrah, via phone at about one
3) sefie, this morning when i got in at about 2, 2:30
4) mom, this morning
5) dad, this morning
6) grandpa, via phone
7) Sarah p., via phone
8) sarah b., in bckground of phone conversation.
thats pretty good. good enough.
well, almost. add treni and scott and wes and maybe clay
and we'll have a pretty complete list of ppl.
this morning i got up and went to McDonalds with Sarrah.
it was grand, if short, and im very thankful that she was able to find time to do something with me today; i know she's got a busy day, esp. with eastern's prom.
it means a lot to me.

so im excited. my b-day plans are going well. ryan, sarrah, ans sarah p.
and thats exactly how i'd want it to be.
at 11:15, 11:30 ish im going out with sarah p. thats my big plan for the week. im excited. not too sure the specifics, but it'll be grand regardless.

{those i cherish are so near}
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