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i met you deep in, city-side, busy monday.
quick chat, that's that, you were buying from me.
maybe some years back i'd've hoped to see
someone like you chasing her dreams just like me.
but these years, fly by, it's hard to tell
me and my day job, rent earned, guess im doing well.

later that month, down the street, ran in to ya.
years back, that's that, i thought i knew ya.

standing here under these stars tonight
wondering if all these years have really been
alright, without you.

you're rushed, i guess, i can understand that.
life's life, your words, i guess i'll hold on to them.

it's just another day,
i'm just another face,
what happened when your dreams
never left this place?

how can i still find you here
after all these years,
meet you with a passing glance
instead of...

i met you shift break, out back, rainy sunday.
deep sigh, no why, i don't buy it no way.
maybe some years back you'd have fooled me
but i know you now, girl who chases her dreams.
come meet me on a silent hill, beaneath the moon
night filled with, tight embrace, scarlet blush,
frosted breathing and garmet-less.
twilight eyes, enchanted gasp,
emotion feeling and
gentle grasp.
you are you and i am me,
our dreams are what they'll always be
you're beautiful, exquisite, dear,
and i, in response, hold you near
for with the dawn and with the light
come a thousand dreary sights
of things we've seen and heard before
you, day to day, forget yourself
and when you lie lie to yourself
forgetting hopes,
forgetting dreams
and now,
i meet you coming down the street
a wave, a nod, a smile to greet,
and you let me go,
and i let you,
for there are many things to do
each day and then the next,
instead of...

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