asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Why would I buy your books for you if i happened to see you around in a bookstore and you asked?

Because you're cute!

I dreamed last night that carol invited me to her party, and the other person she invited was this girl me and her had encountered working at a department store.
i also dreamed about a wedding, and the more i think about it, im pretty sure it was erin and allans. except the setting was all different and there was spaghetti and i think people we knew in high school were involved. and allaen disappeared for a bit so i followed and he had snuck off to this little wooden fort that was out over the moat or lake by the building the event was at. and a girl came looking for him but he didnt want anyone to know his secret hiding place so i swam away and distracted her.

so i havent been on here in much longer than i'd have liked.
i basically spent december going back and forth from indianapolis (where i had no internet access) to louisville (where i had very limited internet access).

Heres to summing things up:
-Christmas (25th)
-Sarrah's Baby (29th)
-Erin & Allan's Wedding (30th)
-New Years (31st)

Restore from saved draft?
"hand to hand, a thousand thoughts, your life flowing into mine.
i stop, "

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