asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

these days continue to be precious

yes, precious. the all powerful word of choice.

so heres my yesterday: i try to spend the day alone at the park. that was my goal.
but i get a late start.
have to wait for my dad to get off the phone
phone which i dont get, i get the trio.
then scott calls. says "are you home" "yeah" "im nearly there" what the heck.
but its so sweet. and hes got sarah martin with him.
they give me a ball; looks like bert.
then theres scotts senior video.
29 minutes and change.
time for the park. so to the park. to the park we go.
show sarah the caves etc, we all walk some distant trails. but we walk together.
(let it always be this way)
sarah knows random information about things. like what the area was going to be before it was a park; its brilliant.
then theres a water fight. well, before that was the elfing.
then the water fight. and i got wet.
and i got sarah a little wet.
during the day she managed to stab my wrist. with her finger.
after the water fight sarrah calls. says she wants to talk to me. in person.
so we haul over to the tinseltown area, straight to bob evans.
(oh. before the park, me scott and sarah went to school to get something from ed)
anyway, at bob evans sarrahs working. i wouldnt mind watching her work, but scott and sarah'll have plans.
so we talk. and then depart.
back to the park with scott and sarah.
they leave me there; im insane anyway.
then i finally get my time alone.
like the whole day was supposed to be; quiet; reflective.
prayer and preparation for the months/years to come.
and thats when im shown such beautiful things. i walk a path, past the caves, past a fallen tree, along the lake, or swamp, or whatever it was until my fear of alligators (im weird like that) sent me back. so i walked along a huge portino of the outside of the park. singing praise songs almost the entire time. and read my bible some and generally get the time i needed. so stop and thank God. and to reflect and plan and prepare and relax and wonder and generally take in so much beauty so much beauty.
and once i reaches the park i kept walking; didnt break pace. walked over to tinseltown. founs the most beautiful place somewhere behing the home deopt area. then went leisurel over to bob evans, where i arrives just in time to meet sarrah getting off work.
(i was shown such beautiful things yesterday)
so sarrah takes me back over to the park, where we sit and talk some, not to much, but some.
when she leaves, i meet with ryan (or rather, he meets me) and we walk a path similar to the one i walked alone (with Him). and then its 9:30 or later and we sit on his car and im still insane, like i was with scott and sarah martin, so im going on and on about these other people outside their car in the park and its just funny.
and then we go to stake n shake. where we see kyle decieving his wife, and learn that stake n shake seats "smoking, nonsmoking, and ice cream." and the cheese fries arent evenly distributed. and we plotted a way to get free money from places like bestbuy. and their onion rings were ok.
and then it was ryan taking me home, and us getting home, and someone was on the phone with someone. and then i didnt quite get the chance to exit a moving vehicle, and it was "so long and thanks for all the fish" and ryan was gone and i was inside my house, where i managed to get online breifly before i slept. at 1 or so.
i get up somewhat early--for me--for summer--cuz apparently matt called. then sarrah picks me up and we go to waffle house; i dont eat, three of her eastern friends are there. matt joins. then its just the three of us. i finish a scrabble game of theirs and ryans. sarrah wins because of some word i cant repeat here; its close.
were at the cars, trying to decide where to go next. finally pick matts place
cant, so we come to mine instead. we get here and play life. two games actually. the second involving ryan and seef as well. (ryan being back from physics final; first period)
then sarrah gets tired of life.
so we play mancalla (sp?) and scott joins.
seef and ryan leave
plans to meet danny. and me sarrah matt play payday. scott leaves. (math final)
i liked matt as banker.

im glad were getting to spend this time together, these days together.
its all very precious to me.

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