asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Christine Taylor and Lilly Higgs are now friends.

i gave B L A C K S O A L 3000 gold.

the ff11 project is on hold, but in more important news the date for brawl quickly approaches.

i really wonder what some people have been up to because i know its fun to do your own thing but some times i wonder if it just doesnt work.

the other night i helped build a makeshift techno-bowling alley in fairway where i lost and scott won and summer came in fourth.
i found out that 2liters are alot more impressive than one might think, and that drinking one straight should NOT be underestimated.
currently, and over the course of the next couple days, i'm growing an octupus.
they played mostly rap music at the bowling event until the end when i was able to comandeer speaker control and played chick habit and, per request, hey jude (which is a terrible name) and some other across the universe music. improvement, much.
also, scott inserted ham into a pig's underbelly.
i inadvertantly stole a pingpong ball.

later, i got a text message "Goats!" which i forgot to reply to and thus have no idea of its meaning nor intent.

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