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What I've Been Up To, And Then Some.

I spent the 7th through the 12th in Indy.
I went down friday afternoon pleased that scott and wes and dan would be coming over sunday-tuesday. they never did. so, i hung out there with my dad. BRAWL came out and i picked it up sunday morning (the 9th) and thats pretty much been my activity ever since.

Okay, a little more than just that. Tuesday I went to the dnetist and my mom came home from florida. That night, scott showed up. Wednesday morning, I went down to louisville. I spent all day with Treni doing all sorts of exciting things like acquiring a frog and visiting wes. i spent the night and next morning with danny and then i went to erin&allaens and met up with erie! we had all sorts of fun sofa-seeking and then found allaen who had baked goods i never got around to sampling. but we played with dirty things by the river and had a log rolling contest and went to indiana to get scott. we had dannys pizza, and coldstone (but no katlyn :( ) and then went peddling till we kidnapped danny and went back to erin&allaens to watch lost. i spent that night and the next morning with danny and then i went to wess. i stayed with wes till danny was free and then i went to dannys and we had fun even if we never did manage to meet up with amanda josh scott or wes, which was ok with me. i spent that night and the next morning with danny and then went to carols. (thus beginning the best part of my story.) i kidnapped her and we went to Indy through monday, during which we travelled many (indoor/warm) places and experienced things like brawl, grim grimoire, various anime, and ever. monday we came back to louisville, saw The Other Bolyn Girl (my second time) and parted ways. (/) sadly, that night i made a poor decision and, due to my tiredness and some coercion on my friends parts, saw wes and dan and stayed at wess and left the following morning. i had a good time, but it was a little careless of me.

yay spring break! school this weeks been school (or hasnt). lost threw out my theories and somhow managed to suprise and greatly upset me. and this weekend ive hung out with scott and his parents and vivi and it turnes out that also this weekend i became an uncle.

so, two weeks later i return to lj. i probably missed some stuff, but alas. facebook, however, will not be as forgiving..and i have cyndi and sarah bland to blame for that. i doubt i'll be able to keep up with friends for sale anymore, but it was great fun while it lasted.
finally, it seems theres a tagline of "10 bucks says you dont have it in you to conquer fear and quit believing what they tell you to" going around, which i think should actually say "10 bucks says you dont have it in you to conquer fear and quit believing because they tell you to"
yes its a very important correction. make note of it!

....that is all.

Heres a more or less unrelated section about media ive come across in my interim.
i finished watching all three seasons of FMP: Full Metal Panic!, Full Metal Panic: Fummofu!, and Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid. they were good. primarily to serve a fushigi-yuugi sort of purpose, with fummofu being hilarious. tsr is more serious than the original.
ive started tokko, havent finished lucky star, and havent finished when the higurashi cry (sry, cant recall the japanese name). tooko seems like a brilliant idea.. it feels like it'd bee a good 52 episode show.. im not sure how itll preform so short and condensed.
no new music lately, but id like to point out: the faint, amy macdonald, leaves eyes, rainer maria, chris thile, landon pigg, and maria mena.
I acquired and watched Pride And Prejudice and really liked it.
I got my hands on a VHS of American Beauty but havent managed to watch it yet, and i want to get a hold of The Jacket of which i know absolutely nothing. Finally, I NEED to get the darjling limited, which i know is spelled wrong; dont hate me.
again, that is all.

This was about what I've been doing. Hopefully soon I can also post about what I've been thinking/feeling.

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