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its not a total closure of the eyes,
to look across the table, meet your gaze..

and from amidst a cloud of broken dreams
another strange decision,
one for you,
one for life,
one for saving you.

its nighttime and the cold is everywhere;
we are cycling through measures of it.
from beneath the frozen lake i breathe a misty breath
you yeild your icy flesh..

if there ever was a time of blindness,
its gone now.
i'd let the waning light come across all of you,
a satellite of bright and dim exposure,
shame and a giggling smile.
don't let go of your decision.

you've been sighted,
you've been seen,
you're drempt about even now.

you've been wanted,
you've been touched,
you're being kissed and
swept away,
even now.

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