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same theme

(~ive got alot to say~)

its the same theme: im very happy with whast ive done, but theres alot i failed to do, and that disappoints me. still, im content within reason.

i played ddr today.

today i:
»made it to cal after the second final«
yes, i walked the halls of that school--my school--as the last class ended for the last time for anyone. i got to see micah, rachel, and katlyn. im very glad to get to see rachel, and im very glad to see katlyn. really, she was the last person i talked to at cal. and im glad. she's important to me. im glad to be friends with her. i really am.
»went to cal's graduation practice«
got to talk some to mary hart; i empathize with her position in all this.
»decorated for the party saturday«
was fun; ed's family twas cool (like, the younger kids esp)
today i did NOT:
»make it to eastern's graduation«
i am incredulous about this. only a month or two ago, i never would have though i would have even gotten the oppertunity to do things with sarrah yeager. and now ive had to decline at least two events with her. at least two. its so disconcerting. i have to work on scheduling my time better.
»get to hang with treni in the park«
apparently im missing something, cuz for two days this plan has been akward and unsucessful. its for her b-day. and i will reschedule it. because despite what treni says (even when i think shes knows this) doing something with her isnt in the way at all; if i decide to do something with her, than, most likely, it is exactly what i want to do with my time; there is no better use. anyway, it wasnt supposed to be a big deal, esp since my gift isnt all that special, but i will find time. time that works.
»get to talk to sarah p.«
well, i know shes going on a trip soon. could be that. she could be at her dad's. it could be some things. but i havent heard from her. its sad. oh! and i want to try to do random activities with her, like ive been doing with everyone else. i dunno if thats really her thing, but it would be so very nice. or something. i have to see her more. i have to talk to her more. i have to.

so. thats that. at least, that covers the basics from what my other post said i was gonna do today.
today i also spent time at and then behind starbucks (SBUX) with: scott, wes, seef, sarah martin, beka, and cindy, and ed.
i so enjoy time with them.
it was lotsa fun, and there was much elfing involved. in the end, i broke scotts arm (ok, not really) but i bought him a lime as pentance.
i bit sarah. wes was reading.
i really would have liked to spend some time with erin today, however. i consider her a really good friend, and for some reason, its possible her friendship means more to me than nearly any others. (by that statement i mean just what i said. no more, no less. im talking about friendships, tis all) i feel glad when i feel accepted by her. it means alot to me. her opinion, that is.

carol: somehow i figure shes possibly the most like me of these people. we both have this focus on academics (infinite congradulations to her, btw, for #1 accomplishments), and of all of them, she shares my taste in music. and in apperal, too. and in a few moments ive had with her ive picked up on things like similar senses of humor, etc. we're alot alike. i like her. she''l be giving a speech tomorrow, and i am very excited to hear it.

because yes its true, from the beginning and even now, it seemed that the ones most like me would be erin and cyndi. with the whole dark aspect to them. cyndi intrigued me for along time, and i slowly began to work to understand her, and alot of the trains of thought i was on seem to have been correct. she really is very nice. im quite attracted to her. (no, ppl. not like that) i'll be here for her if she ever needs anything.

sarah. martin. what to say about her. well, she has a green phone that simply owns all other phones. it owns the world. of all of them, ive probably spent the most time with and had the most fun with sarah. she's really kind too, and has that genuine intrest in the welfare of others (the trait exlemplified in treni) so yeah, ive had good times with her. and for her as well (well, tihs offer can apply to anyone, if you need anything) im here to support her if she needs anything. ive got some really pretty pictures of her.

and beka. who its possible ive spent the least time with (her or carol). shes been a good friend to me toh. she really has. its some sense of levelness...i dunno...i really get that shes there for me or something. tho i havent spent much time with just her, there a moments that make up for it. like at prom, where she took intrest in me even when i was hanging by my self and not being all that much fun. she kept staying with me. and other random little moments. like today after starbucks when we were all in the back ofed's truck. and me and beka were there, kinda playing thumb war, kinda not. twas nice. twas fun. im glad i can experience moments like that.

well...thats the five of them. in other news, my anunt and uncle and grandpa are here; we went out to eat tonight adn then to SBUX. oooo! at SBUX we saw Lydia Marshal, Eric Horton, and Jenna Eastman. i think, anyway. they had these adorable little tiny tiny tiny kittens thay had found abandoned in the park. ..speaking of cats, there was one in the parking lot of the random cuban place we ate.

I am so glad to know the people that I know.

and finally, quite possibly of the most importance, i have this quote. its wahat sarah martin wrote in my yearbook (well, one of the things), and it is absolutely one of the best things i have ever heard. ive thought about it so much. it sums up a good deal of what ive learned over the years, and some of what i havent yet learned. ok. so here it is:

"live life in all the realities at once. you will then become fulfilled."

thanks for that, sarah.

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